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Out of control step-daughter. What do we do?

Just come back from holiday to find step-daughter had broken a wine glass into her brothers face causing him a 3 day hospital stay, 38 stitches and a scar for life which is about 7 inches long. The s-daughter is 23 and boy is 31 so they are not "kids". For years the girl has been living on the edge, she drinks loads, does drugs, can't keep a job for more than 3 weeks,lies cheats and steals. She even took her youngest brothers bank card and emptied his account of the £400 he was saving for a bike. She has stolen from everybody, even those closest to her.

As a child she was quite spoiled, she has had 3 horses and allsorts handed to her. Her mother died at a very young age and step D was only 5, I am sure this must be a contributing factor to her behaviour, but when do we say enough is enough?

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Anonymous said...

I would be saying enough is enough right now, by the looks of things you have been putting up with her selfish poor me behaviour for long enough. Quite frankly she is lucky her 21 yer old brother doesn't have her up on assault charges. Draw the line or it is only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

When do you say "enough is enough"? Last night, when you discovered what had happened.

Stop making excuses for her -- lots of kids lose their parents at a young age, but it doesn't make them assaulting, thieving drunks. She's made her choices, now she has to live with them. I'd help the 21 year old with his medical bills, if any, and if I were him, I'd sue her for them. And step-d wouldn't step foot back inside my house until she had been to rehab or counseling.

Anonymous said...

Tough love. Their old enough to be on their own.Give them a week to move out. If they don't put their things outside and change your locks.They will never grow up staying at home.