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What would you think, child's behaviour?

i look after my niece every so often but since her mum has had a new partner the little girl has changed. better behaved was a good thing but im a bit worried about her now, the other day when i looked after her she cried when she went to the loo because she pooed and she said she didnt wanna poo,,,a bit odd, then today i looked up2 her and said oh you silly girl youve taken you hairbands out, to which she balled out crying saying dont tell mummy and her new bloke as shed get in trouble, the only was i could calm her down is to say id re-do her hair and i wouldnt tell anyone...2 which she hugged me and said thanx...whats going on at home? you think they are being 2 strick or what and what would you do if you found yourself in this situation thanx

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