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She wants desperately for him to spend time with her...

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I have a daughter that is 13 years old. Her dad and I have been divorced since she was very little. She wants desperately for him to spend time with her. But he does not. She still sneaks and calls him - I try not to say anything but I just wish she would not lie to me about this. I am also, having problems with her not taking her school work seriously. I think she thinks she will just keep passing but she just started high school and it is not elementary or middle school.


Anonymous said...

Well, he's not alone as a deadbeat dad, that's for sure. The world is full of men like him.

All you can do is be there for your daughter, and hammer this guy for child support. Maybe one day he will see sense.

Anonymous said...

All you can do is try to shield your daughter from any further pain that she may feel, and talk with her about her feelings allow her to express her feelings to you about what she feels.

And spend as much quality time with your daughter just the two of you..
Eventually she is going to be old enough and will not want anything to do with her father.. And he will have no one to blame but himself.

Best of Luck