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13 year old girl and has been diagnosed with bi-polar and borderline personality disorder...

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Our one twin teen is 13 year old girl and has been diagnosed with bi-polar and borderline personality disorder, I am working on your weekly assignments. I know it is hard work, and spouse says I see things differently and read between the lines for behavior issues and consequences. how can I help him to understand that everyone can read differently and understand it differently and how can we come together on this.? Help please.


Anonymous said...

your worry is natural, but u have to put her on drugs because the side effects of the drugs are negligible compared to what ur daughter can go thru if she has an episode without drugs. so, this is a choice of the lesser of two, drugs are available with minimu side effects which have to be chosen acc to her type of bipolar. please ask the dr u consult to give u more info on the drug choices u can have for u daughter.
as for her becoming a zombie and her personality being changed, dont worry coz this is an episodic disorder mostly, when she is on adequate medications, she can function 100% , but it might take some time to figure out the drug& dose which works the best...
all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Its really too bad you two didn't discuss how you would discipline children BEFORE you married. It is an extremly big issue and I can see your marriage in trouble behind some of the antics your husband is pulling.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't if any two parents would agree all the time. I know from personal experience there are many times my wife and I don't always agree. Here is what we do.

1) First we agree that we both love our kids and they must come first.
2) Second, when we can we try to come up with a compromise.
3) We realize the other parent is not always going to be around or the other parent may need to make a decision or punishment without input from the other spouse. We agree to respect each others decisions, and uphold them. The last thing you want is a good cop, bad cop situation and when one child gets punished come rushing to the other parent only to have the decision overturned.
I can't emphasize how important it is for each parent to back up each other.
4) Never argue about a parenting decision in front of the kids. If a child wants to stay up late for example to watch a movie and one parent thinks its ok and the other parent does not, have a private conversation, try to reach a compromise with the other spouse and make sure you have a united decision.
5) Communication is really important. My wife works at home and I away all day. It is important to understand as a dad what is going on all day so I can make better decisions and support my wifes decision. The opposite is also true for when as a Dad I spend most of the day with the kids, I make sure my wife is kept up to date. Communicate, communicate, communicate.....

Those are just some ideas, the key is to realize how important all decisions are when you raise your kids and how important it is that parents try to reach common decisions. This should help with tremendously with discipline issues down the line. I hope this helps. I could write a book on this topic. Thankyou for letting me share.