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Their father is an overindulgent parent...

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My anger... these are my step children(twin 13 year old girls) and their father is an overindulgent parent, and now wants to do this program! I have raise 3 daughters and never had these problems! One of the twins is bi-polar and he and the real mother have made her worse? how can I handle this resentment against him, because he would let me be part of their raising, and would always block my suggestions. which by the way are of many that I have read here. yes this a good program, but he still is being a bitch!


Anonymous said...

I know hwat you're going through. I'm a step mother of 2 boys and a girl. The boy are really good to me but the girl is a little difficult. She is 16 and sometimes she is really sweet but I discover is just when she wants to get something. Other times she is really cold and hard, and a little rued, she doesn't care if she is going to hurt your filings. I'm very nice to her all the time, I give her good example all the time hoping that she gets it... but it seems impossible. I don't know what to do to teach her how to be more respectful.

Anonymous said...

When these children enter into your home...they are to obey your rules. It doesn't matter that you are a is just respect for adults.

The problem is not this child....the problem is your husband. and hubby need to have a sit down talk about this.This is your house too and you help pay bills. You are going to have to rock the boat to get dad to shape up. Stand your ground!

Hope this helps.