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Under the influence of marijuana at school...

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I have been using this program for 2-3 weeks and it seemed to be working but school was on break and nothing was going against my 15 yr old son but now that school has started back, he has gone home at noon two days and was sick one day. Today he got sent home first thing for being under the influence of marijuana at school and received a citation. What do I do now, what do I do about this?


Anonymous said...

i know you wont like hearing my answer... but i'll give it anyways cuz it comes from another point of view... pot really isnt that bad... maybe if you sit down and talk with your son about it (if you know about it) see his point of view and your point of view... then maybe set some ground rules... like if he really wants to smoke it he's gonna smoke it wheather you like it or not so it'll just split you guys apart more and more in the future... and if he's only smoking pot be glad about that... there are things out there that are a thousand times worse... so cut some deals with him maybe like if he goes to school and keeps his grades reletively alright then he can indaldge once in a while... i know this is probably the worst sounding answer but if he say does it outside at home after you two come to an agreement with this at least you can keep some peace of mind that he is still going to school and working hard and when he does do it at least you'll know where he is and that he is okay... dont threten him whatever you do... you said it yourself that he is a really well mannered kid so talk to him see his point of view... dont allow something like this come between you two and maybe even make things worse... its all about compromise.... you have to give and take just try and do the right thing... whatever that might be

Anonymous said...

There are THC tests you can buy online. I would definitely set some rules, as well as make some good consequences. If your child likes to hang out with friends after school I would take the privilege away. I would also threaten the THC test and tell him how silly his decisions are. Try talking with his teachers at school to make sure he's were he's supposed to be when he's supposed to be. If you find out otherwise take legal action. Trust me either you will take action or the school or police will and that is not a good route to go down! The people he is hanging with may also be influencing his poor decisions, see if there is anything you can do to make him realize that no is a valid answer and if friends cannot respect that then he may need to invest in some new friends.
I'm very sorry to hear that this has happened. I hope you find some help in this!

Anonymous said...

The person that said pot is not a bad thing is an idiot. I wouldn't take his advice.

Having said that, your son may need treatment. At least he already received a natural consequnce in the form of a citation.

Good luck,