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I am losing him to the streets...

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My son is diagnosed with "slow learner" and I know I am losing him to the streets. He is 14 and is so totally lost. The police told us not to get them involved because it will be worse on him if they put him in a home. We don't know what to do. I am afraid if I make him stay home (country home) he will go crazy and kill himself. He constantly needs social enviroment. He is now becoming violent when he doesn't feel understood.


Anonymous said...

Your first step is to turn to his school for the help he needs. The law says the public schools must provide your child with an education, regardless of whatever accomodations need to be made in order for him to get that education. Request in writing at the school, for your son to be M-Teamed (multidiscinplinary team) and that will initiate the proper emotional, academic, processing evaluations necessary so the teachers, counselors, etc. can see where he's at and what some of his deficits or problems areas are. He can then be properly placed in his school rather than just thrown in the regular classroom. These evals are very thorough normally and will not cost you anything if you go through the school. He also sounds like an angry young man and anger comes from the frustration you indicate that he is feeling and displaying. Until the school gets the evals completed, talk to a school counselor and tell him/her what you've stated here. She will be able to refer you to a psycholigist/therapist that will be of help to your entire family. Violence in any form is not acceptable and needs to be addressed NOW.
In the future once things are settled and your son has received some help as well as you, you can perhaps consider medication if recommended by the psychologist or doctors. Both the therapy and/or medications can make all your lives better. Good luck and don't give up!

Anonymous said...

If you are in the USA, you can have him tested, and placed into a special education program, where he can get specific help for his individual challenges. The Individualized Education Program would be totally customized to his unique learning style and needs.

Anonymous said...

Try contacting your local Regional Center, they can assist you and set you up with resources, such as an IEP advisor who will attend your son Individual Education Plan meetings, support groups, and seminars to teach you how to help your son.

Also Parents Helping Parents is another greater resource. Other parents are the best way to find out what help there is in your area.
Both organizations provide activities for the whole family, even your other children that may not have special needs.

There is help out there but it can be a challenge to find it.
Hang in there, I know it is depressing and often painful but you are your son's best advocate. No one will fight for a child like their parent. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

He needs a full educational and/or neurological evaluation. But do NOT get these thru the school. It's more trouble than its worth.
All children 'act out' with behaviors because this is how they deal with their problems, plus they are trying to communicate to others that he has problems.

Lots of children act this way and other ways because they do not know how to deal with things when they do not understand their school work.

Since you say he hasn't been in school for a year, I assume he is homeschooled?

When he was in school the school was suppose to help him with his problems thru the special ed program. Did they do this?

If they did or not, this is not YOUR fault. THis is the schools fault for not teaching him properly.
Most schools let the child fail, fall thru the cracks, etc and do not care to help them with their problems.

Please go to and sign up for free to post on their parent to parent message board. You'll get lots of great help there!

Anonymous said...

your son may have a learning disability of some sort. i would advise you to bring him to a specialist to have him diagnosed first. because once he's diagnosed regarding his cognition, he will be advised to be taken care of occupational therapist, speech therapist etc., who will assist your son and give certain techniques how to handle these kind of people. it is also good that in school your son must be enrolled or must have a sped teacher

Anonymous said...

If you're residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, you may want to visit The Learning Disabilities Association of BC-Vancouver (LDAV). It is located at 3292 East Broadway, Vancouver and its website is