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13 yr old boy keeps sneaking out...

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13 yr old boy keeps sneaking out, not coming home from school, etc. Friday, we were there to pick him up from school and he wasn't there. Haven't seen or heard from him. We do expect he'll show up come Monday. We have alerted the police.

We suspect he's probably at some friends house under the guise of just spending the weekend. Probably lied to their parents with some nonsense of needing a place to stay because we are out of town or some other nonsense.

We just cannot seem to get through to him. He thinks he knows it all, tells us he's living life to the fullest. Of course, we know nothing.

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Anonymous said...

While you are home & he is at school, buy and install a camera with time stamp on it. Place it where it is stationed on the door you think he is using to leave. You can also place one inside the house and evesdrop. Once his friends figure out you are gone all night they will start to hang out at your house while you are gone.
You could get a friend or relative, or neighbor to drive by and keep an
eye out for what is going on or even stop by unannounced from time to time for you.
A 13 yr old is not likely to get to hang with kids who drive just yet. In a yr or 2 will be a different story.
Hang in there Mom!