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Is it WRONG to spank your kids these days????

Is it WRONG to spank your kids these days????

" I SWATTED (NOT spanked) my daughter on..."

WTF is this!?!?! Since when is it against the law or CODE OF SOCIETY or some $hit to spank the everloving F**K out of your kids when they do something wrong??
"It hurts the kids' feelings and mentally scars them fo life." AWWW BOO F**KIN HOO!!
My dad whooped the hell outta me when i was a kid with a leather belt right across my @$$. What is the difference now??

Come on people....get a brain and some balls. Sometimes the best remedy for a smartass kid is a good 'ol *** whoopin.


ops said...

I'll spank my kids when they are bad. if the government or anyone else wants to object to my parenting methods I'll be waiting at the door with my shotgun loaded.

I'm not even talking about a harsh belt-whooping, I'm talking about a good firm slap on the @ss when they have intentionally disobeyed me to let them know that I'm the boss and instill a sense of respect for my authority as their father.

Anonymous said...