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Should I take in a teenager?

Should I take in a teenager?

Okay, My husband and I worked with a youth group at a local church. I got really closed to the pastors oldest daughter. She was going through a rough time and I really felt that God had brought me there to be an influence to her and encourage better behavior. After being there 2 years we felt led to leave the church.

This girl will be 18 in a few weeks. Her parents are really hard on her. She has rededicated her life to the Lord and has really matured through the years. She is a senior and is working a part time job. Her dad refers to her as a pain in his flesh. her parents are always telling her to get a second job to pay for her school supplies and school clothes. She pays her Car payment, Car Taxes, Insurance, gas and cell phone bill. They do not make her younger sister pay for her own cell phone.

She feels really close to me and my family. I have 4 children ages 7 ,4 and 2 year old twins. Should I let her move in with us? What is your opinion?

Well, If she is going to move out anyway, I want her to have a safe place to go and someone who is going to encourage her to finish high school. I do not want her just moving in with a friend. She needs guidance!

I know no one on YA can tell me what to do. I was just looking for opinions.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, i can not believe that a preacher would show favortism so much...i think utimately its up to you and your husband...such as do you think she would be an asset to your family, can you afford the added expense, would she pay rent, etc......You must look at it from all angles and decide what would be best for your family first and formost!!