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My problem with my son sleeping in my bed?

My problem with my son sleeping in my bed?

i'm a single parent and have always let my son who is now 7 to sleep in my bed, however, he is now in primary 3 and i thought it was about time he slept in his own bed so this week i have told him if he sleeps in his bed hes a big boy and can go out to play for a while after school which he loves doing but if he doesn't sleep in his bed then he must be too small and therefore to young to go out to play. the first two nights he slept in his bed right through the nights but last night i went into my bed and there he was spralled out snoring away looking so cute but i have told him this morning that he can't go out to play tonight as he didn't sleep in his own bed.

i have been reading other yahoo answers about children sleeping in their parents beds and am now wondering if i'm making to much of a deal about this should i just let him sleep beside me?


ops said...

Why do people constantly think sleeping i n a bed with their parents is wrong at ANY age? I think if we slept in bed with parents till we were adults means that you have a close bond and relation with your mom and dad. Its awesome. If you are a good decent parent nothing funky is going on, and you are getting quality time with them. You should feel so lucky that he still wants to sleep with ya... Kids grow up fast. As long as you set rules down its not a problem, besides he a boy and soon hes going to want privacy for a very developmental reason, called puberty. when we were kids my dad worked nights my mom hates being alone all 4 of us took turns but by 10ish we didnt want to do it any more on our own accord. We are all normal, never abused, and all extrememly close to our mom and dad. We have are liltte quirks cause no one in this world can define normal, but we are all sane and not molested sexually or mentally. i think we are all quite one with the world

Anonymous said...

I have 2 sons, one is 10 and still sleeps with me and/or his dad. The 13 yo has outgrew this between 10 and 12. Not a problem at our house, but we don't talk outside about it much because others think it is. Don't believe it.