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Should I call CPS?

Should I call CPS?

Theyre these people I use to work with, in fact i still work with one of them. Theyre two girls, roommates, and one of them has 2 children and another on the way. both girls are in their 20's and are constantly drunk, there isn't a sober person EVER watching the children, and I can't help to think what she's doing to the one inside her. They have also been smoking pot, like crazy. Sharing it with the children and having the children drinking beers and things. The mother is to say it nicely a Sleeze, she sleeps with at least 3 diffrent guys a day, and her roommate is a claimed whore, she is also pregnant with a 16 year old boys child. She loves telling people how she's sleeped with 37 guys in like one year. The roommate has been teaching the boys( the 2 children) to do disgusting and disrespectful hand gestures like the two fingers with a tounge between them, the sign for "female oral" it's disgusting. Should I call CPS and make it my business or should I stay out of it?

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ops said...

I would call the local law out to look into it, ask what the laws are... If anything allow them the warning to clean up ... If the law enters the house, and seems something right away, allow the State and her to rival.

A neighbor who just moved in .. 2 months later all neighbors noticed that she left the 9 yr old to watch a 7 and a 3 year ..all alone, over night, for days. As it was reported, the law walked over and said to us neighbors, as long as the children had food, and contact with parent (who worked out of town was gone 5 days a week) The Law did not intervene, Needless to say, i was highly upset, and could not understand.

If you feel the children are in full danger call CPS. Sad part is, Ive seen when the State or City steps in to late...... (sigh)