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How do you know if your 15 year old boy is using drugs?

He's smart but doesn't care about his grades? Last year he was an almost straight A student. Now, all he wants to do is play computer games and stay in his room. He isn't "ditching" school, he's respectful to his teachers but he just doesn't do his assignments. His parents are divorced and he lives with his Dad. His mother is remarried and treats him badly - that's why he doesn't spend the court ordered weekends with her. His Dad is a good provider and is frustrated with the school problems.

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Anonymous said...

Well the lack of interest could just be due to his cricumstances. If you know him, talk to him. Look him in the eyes, they do not lie. If his is up one time and then down could be drugs or depression. Try asking him how he feels. Ask about your concern of staying in room, see if you can talk about maybe him being depressed first.

Anonymous said...

Just because he is getting lazy with school doesn't mean he is on drugs.However they do sell OTC drug test that you could force him to take. But this might just cause more problems. Dad needs to talk to his counselors and teachers. Also I am a firm believer in rewards for good work. If he refuses to do his assignments. Take away his video games, TV, Punish him to his room. When he begins to do assignments give him back the games but make clear that it is conditional as long as assignments are completeted.

Anonymous said...

smell his clothes

are there any strong influences(skating, music) in his life. usually these influences have subtle gateways to traditional lifestyles such as drug use.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the kid is depressed. The same thing happened to me at 14. Went from straight A's to doing nothing. Try to get him into counseling. This could also be tricky because at that age, the counselor/therapist has to really understand how to approach him or he'll just close up even more.