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Step daughter?

I have three step children and a baby with my current husband. Two of my step children are great kids, they obey, do their homework etc. But the youngest one (they are triplets) is quite a handfull. Her siblings told me that she is choking herself in the bathroom some with a towel at night . They also told me she cries most nights, and has had talk of suicide. She often has big bruises on her wrists when asked about it she replies that she doesnt know.

I found porn in her room, and a razor blade. My husband travels a lot. And I have no idea what to do, I am new at parenting. She is 16. Any advice?


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Anonymous said...

You need to call your husband ASAP and explain this to him. And honestly, he should be on the next plane home to help take care of this. Sounds like it's beyond either you or your husband and that she needs professional help. Even talking about suicide is scary...nevermind having a razor blade.

Get her help. This isn't her fault. She just needs a little help to get through it. All of you must stick together and be her support system. She might hate you all at first but she'll be thankful down the road.

I'm so sorry to hear about this. If my stepdaughter did that, my goodness, my heart would just break! I wish you guys so much luck!!

Anonymous said...

You should all get together, you, her brothers&sisters, her dad and her real mom. Discuss what is happening that caused her to be so depressed and why she is acting out. Tell her you all love her very much and just want the best for her. Then take her to a counseler/ therapy. My 17 year old cousin was the same way. . . therapy really helped her.

Anonymous said...

you need to tell her father about all of this. since you new at this, he needs to decide what to do. it sounds like she's crying out for help because she doesn't know how to deal with whatever it is she's going through.

as for the porn, she's 16, this is normal. if she were a boy, would you have the same qualms? i'm not saying she should have the porn, just that it's normal.

the razor blade isn't normal to have unless it's the kind she's going to use for shaving.

ociana said...

Her father needs to be front and center.

You are not in a position to help her, except by refusing to let this be your problem.

As her biological parent and custodian, he needs to take action.

Cutting is becoming more and more common, and it is a way to cry out for help.

Tell him that he must to get her the help she needs.

Don't pussyfoot around with this.

And yes, as another poster said, get her mother involved, if that is possible.

Good luck!