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Teens fighting on tape?

I saw it on the today show this morning but I think it was an older story. I kinda have mixed feelings about it because I don't think the girl should have gone into the house, but still...something about that situation don't sit right with me. If your child was involved in a situation like that, what would you do?

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Anonymous said...

It's a really sad situation. I'm sure they didn't think of the long term emotional and mental issues this poor girl is going to live with. They all need to face charges of some sort and have to pay for the crime they committed!
If it was my child I would be losing my mind!!! Where are the parents?? Surely it wasn't a quiet beating. I would probably end up the one in jail b/c I'm going after the parents!
My children are not allowed to attend sleepovers of anyone that has not been his friend for a while, or a family member. Even then, I have to know who the parents are, I'm going to their house, I want to know what other kids are going to be there I'm checking out everything I can possibly check before making that deicision. Sadly, you don't know where you're sending your children now. I could prove to be a little overprotective, but they're worth it!

Anonymous said...

I think what happened was the girl got invited to a sleepover and that was when the other girls ganged up on her. They tricked her into thinking they were her friends and beat the crap out of her when she stayed at their house. Most of the time, you can tell something's up if it seems too much too fast. If a group of girls wants to invite my daughter for a sleepover I've got to know who the parents are and the little girls have to have been her friends for more than a year... it's a little more involved than that, but this is the LEAST that I will require. BTW, if someone did that to my daughter, you'd have to hold me back, 'cause I'll want to kill someone.

Anonymous said...

I hope her parents press charges. The story I read was that she was invited to a friend's house and these 6 girls then proceeded to beat her unconscious and kick and punch her when she did wake up and try to get away. And record it for 'my space.' How utterly..ignornant and stupid can you get? Kids just do not get it.
Granted the Victim probably should not have gone to the house, but if the girls lied (likely) about why they needed her there, she would go.
The girls should do long terms in Juvie, with very extensive parole, like reporting every week, and never again be allowed in their school and NO contact with each other again.
. No cell phones, computers or IPODS or video game consoles either. No new clothes no shopping, no getting tats or piercings. Just school and home until they are finished with HS.