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Parents that work 3rd shift?

Parents that work 3rd shift? Do you & your spouse ever get time alone?

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Anonymous said...

My husband works 3rd shift. I work first. We make sure that we make the most of any time that we get when we can all be together as a family. And, he & I make sure that we make the most of his nights off, after the kids are in bed, even if it means missing out on some sleep.

Anonymous said...

When I was working 3rd shift, we had to try for time. It was grueling but we did it. We both had to make A LOT of sacrifice but it was well worth the effort when my late shifts were done and we still had our relationship intact.

Anonymous said...

no. never. at least not much. it changes a whole lot of things. even you will be messed up. you'll get maybe.... 2 hrs a day if that. when your up and wanting to get things done, he has to sleep and basically you have to be quiet and wait til he is up, and by then your going to bed. so its hard. if theins aint done say by 8 a.m forget it, the house is trashed caused you dont have the time when he is awake to do it. sooner or later ya fugure out a schedule and things settle down. but its really hard. especially if the one is on first shift and one on third.