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How to be a man...

How do i, a single mom raising a black son, teach him how to be a man?


Anonymous said...

I clearly understand your concerns raising a black child alone, although some ignorant people don't, never mind. The stereotype of black boy is very different to a white boy for instance therefore, ensuring that your child doesn't follow a group of losers who happen to be black because he thinks he belongs there is totally something to worry about.

Reading him successful black males autobio's is a fantastic idea, take him to church, give him something to put faith into.
My boyfriend's mother is a single woman of three black children and she takes them to church every sunday, and is pretty strict, they all respect her and are very smart and behave exseptionally well.
Sign him up for youth clubs or karate/boxing/swimming lessons with male teachers to give him some males to look up to and inspire to be. You just be the fantastic mother you already are my darling and your son will want to be somewhat like you.
Good Luck with everything, email me if you need any advice, i might only be 17, but I learn so much from inspirational women like you ensuring they make their sons respect and love them and themselves. Being a single mum is very hard but my mum succeeded with three children and you can to, just put your faith in the lord and he will guide you through all your struggles. Lots of Love Chelsea Xxx

Anonymous said...

read him stories of successful black men, or ask him to read some autobiographies. and the most imp thing i think is put him in a safe and healthy enviornment, where he doesn't see any drug activity or that sort of things, u know like a nice neighborhood, so that he has good friends to talk to and hang around with.
good luck.

Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short! Although you are not a man, and can't teach him everything, a strong confident woman can make a huge difference in what kind of a human being her son grows up to be. Encourage his interests where they run to the "male" side of things, provided they don't conflict with your morals and beliefs. (NEVER compromise your beliefs!) Teach him respect and courtesy, and show him (by example) independence and support of family. He'll do fine.