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Parent of teens, what would you do?

There is this kid who is 16, boy. he is not going to school, refuses to go,even when you manage to get him into the vehicle to transport him to school. he hangs out lord knows where. he doesnt come home. he doesnt want to work. he smokes pot. he is a bully to siblings. and disrepectful to parents. he refuses to continue treatment like counseling. so you let the other parent deal with him because you tryed to do what you can and the other parent and the child say they think it bests for him to live there. OK.......he continues to behave in such manner, expect his anger esculates.........

POINT OR QUESTION......what would you do? how would you reach this kid? what else is out there? I know there is boot camp, but limited money....and most programs are volunteer status and he aint gunna volunteer, i already tried. any advice? i am worried about him and dont know what to do.

in CA the police say they cant help until he breaks a law and not going to school is not breaking the law.

i have no idea where he gets the money for his pot and yeah, you can get pot for free, its who you know...and i wish i knew where he hung out because i would be the first to call the cops...i have reported other areas he hung out during school time because that is just wrong to allow a child to hang out when you know he is supose to be in school.

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Anonymous said...

I think that you know a lot of out of control teens. well this boy and the girl above both need a very rude wake up call. I feel very lucky. both of my teens are pretty good kids. (knock on wood) If they were my kids i'd have no problem calling the police and having them locked up in juvenile for a few weeks, then if they persist, next time it will be longer.