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Sexual Behavior

What are some of the consequences of sexual behavior with teens??

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Anonymous said...

It depends on what view point you are referring to.

By asking about sexual behavior WITH teens, it sounds like you are an adult who wants to engage in sexual behaviors with teens. The consequence is jail.

Now, if you are asking this as a general question of teens engaging in sexual behaviors with each other, well that's complicated.

On the surface, there are obvious issues that aren't specific to teens. Pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases... adults can get those, too.

As for the emotional consequences, that's where it gets more complicated. A majority of teens who have sex THINK they are ready to have sex. They think it's no big deal. Truth is, having sex is easy. Saying no is the hard part. The pressure to have sex is fraught with anxiety, fear, and anger. Not being emotionally ready for sex, but doing it anyway is the major cause of low self-esteem and poor decision making in the future. Mostly in young girls.

We girls learn at an early age to just give in. To submit. Rather then stand up for ourselves and get what we really want, which has nothing to do with sex. Which isn't to say that sex isn't fun. All we really want is love, respect, romance and caring. We want to be someone's partner, his family, his friend. Obviously, when you share your life with someone, sex is going to be a part of it.

I can't tell you how many years I spent where sex was unfulfilling. I didn't even know it. It felt good for obvious reasons, but it was like eating a piece of bologna when you are starving to death. It will make you a little less hungry the more times you have bologna, but you are still starving. Year and years I spent allowing the wrong men into my life and into my bed.

This poor decision-making can lead to allowing a man to be abusive. Letting men do things that you don't really want to do.

Think about it.