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Nothing works...

Hi - I am found this website as I searched for help for my 14 year old son. My son just refuses to do his school work...lies - says it is done...failing all of his classes. I have tried everything, since he was a small boy...doctors, testing, meds, sylvan, tutors...he is highly intelligent just will not do the work. We have done rewards, consequences, contracts...nothing works. We have a meeting scheduled with his principal on friday...I fear we will be asked to remove him from the Catholic school he has been with since kindergarten. He is taking too much of the teachers time, disrupting class.

Right now he is taking Focalin xr for ADD symptoms...we have tried every med out there. I do not know what to do anymore. ANY suggestions are welcome. Thank you! Jacqui

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Anonymous said...

Have you downloaded and read My Out Of Control Teen e-Book. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that you have, indeed, not tried everything -- I was. I thought I had done it all and that nothing works. I was wrong!