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What rights do we have?

my partners ex is being awkward about him seeing his son. She wont let him come to our house and wont let me round hers as she does not like me- event though she has never met me. she only wants my partner to go to hers on his own without me. why do you think this is and what rights do we have about seeing him at our house at weekends etc?

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Anonymous said...

I would just try to befriend her and see how it goes. Go out of your way to let her know you don't want to take her place as mom she will always be mom you just would like to get to know him so that he can also get to know your kids one is his 1/2 brother right? I would make it clear you respect her as a mom and understand that she is protective of that bond as most moms are but you just want to get to know him and have him know his brother. She is jealous maybe insecure about it you need to make her feel comfy with it. If she is not dating anyone then she may be feeling lonely and this is her way of retaliating because it is the only thing she knows will hurt you partner. Good luck Maybe write her a note see how it goes