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Consequences and punishments mean nothing to them...

I have an 18 yo son who is a senior in high school who refuses to get a job, go to school, follow the rules or stop smoking pot with his friends in my house. My 17 yo daughter is a co-hort in all this as well. I also have a 13 yo son who is drug counseling to get him to stop smoking pot (his older siblings apparently started him on this) but they continue to have their friends in my house when I am at work and when my 13 yo is home. The 13 yo calls me at work to tell me of this. I call home to tell them to get everyone out. Then they retaliate on the 13 yo both mentally and physically. I am at the end of my rope with these two and don't know what to do. Consequences and punishments mean nothing to them. Any advice would be grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Kick him out, with love and gentleness. Life is hard, and then you die. I raised 7 kids alone and my wake up call came while--of all things--watching an episode of The Simpsons one night, in which Marge turns to Homer and says,"And in ten years, when Lisa is out of college and we've lost touch with Bart, ...". At that moment it hit home that life doesn't always turn out like we want it to, or like it 'should'. It turns out like it turns out. And abusive, ungrateful children just aren't going to be part of MY life. Best of luck in your situation. But don't put up with crap from your kids. If you allow disrespect, it's YOUR problem.