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Problems with my 18 yr old daughter...

For the past couple of months I been having problems with my 18 yr old daughter. She been sneeking around seeing a guy. For some reason she would not bring the guy home to meet her father and myself. This past weekend she left home and did not return. We filed a missing person report. She came home while her father and I was at work to pack up her belongings. I knew she was seeing someone that was up to no good. I now thinks she is using drugs. I gave her a choice to leave the state to visit relatives. We took her to the airport, but she never made it to the other state. Somehow she retrieved her suit case and was on the run again. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Your daughters age is the key factor here if Police can not do anything. As mother you will need to do the hardest thing of all and that is to be there for her. You must keep the communication channels open always reinforce that you love her and your door is always open for her. The more you try to have her come home the more determined she will be to stay where she is.

Meet her for lunch, coffee as often as you can as this will allow you to build trust with her. If this relationship is not going to work out she needs to know that your love for her is unconditional and you are there for her. If it works out then you have maintained contact with your daughter and she has not had to 'shut you out' of her life.

End of the day this is the most painful way for a child to 'seize' their independence from their parent's and how you handle it from here is important for your future relationship with her.

Good luck