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Teenager hates school...

Teenager hates school ...won't do her work ...says she don't give a shit ...very

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Anonymous said...

This is what I would say to your daughter--

Everyone feels this way.
Most kids have no way to "act out" about it. You are making your own decisions, and perhaps wishing someone would set you straight. School is just another form of prison, as a job is just a benign form of slavery. You're smart, and you've figured this out.
Unfortunately, this is LIFE. What you have to do in this prison/slavery world is salvage something for yourself. You have to learn to survive but keep your pride, because you will need it.
School subjects seem strange, but the PROCESS your mind goes through learning them, and more importantly, learning how to cope and conform in school and prepare your mind for tests is what you're there for. You desperately need to learn skills now for the rest of your life:
1. Getting your basic life organized-clothes, meals, schedule.
2. Coping with people: the other students, the teachers, the principal and counsellors.
It is MISERABLE to cope with people sometimes, but this is the starting point, and you're not expected to be perfect, and you can't learn these skills unless you get in there and do it.
3. Putting yourself and your mind FIRST in your life, in the midst of a crowd of people and many distractions around you.
4. Admitting you need help, and taking advice. Some things you're doing right now may be a result of your family situation, and your birth order, and the culture in general. But you'll have to deal.
5. Solving problems---this is the major skill that school teaches you. Every assignment, every lesson takes a lot of thinking and translating into your mind, it gets the process started. You need that work-out. You need all the mental work-out possible in those subjects assigned, somewhat because of the general knowledge, but MOST of all because you will need those survival skills later in life--. Now you can concentrate on preparation for survival and common-sense thinking---you have time. Later in your life, you'll have to do things quickly in order to survive, and it may be just one decision that saves you.