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How do I get it through her head?

My 7 year year old is being very disrespectful. I need some ideas to show her that it is not right to disrespect people. Talking to her is not working. Does anyone have any ideas?

She doesnt have anything else to take away. I have taken everything I can from here. I just need to find a creative way to get it through her head. I have talk to her and that just doesnt seem to work.


Anonymous said...

TUFF LOVE! You said there is nothing left to take away. but are you sure? I would leave her with just her mattress and blanket. two sets of clothes, and make her wash the she wares at the end of the day. Giver her breakfast, lunch and dinner and the rest of the time she sits in her room. (4 walls a mattress and blanket) Make her do chores, take out trash, seperate the laundry, for the bath towels when they come out of the dryer, sweep the floor, pull weeds, wash dishes, even if you have a dishwasher. Spank her butt with your hand. Its not against the law. And it will shock her that her mouth will have great consequence.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, answer one is totally wrong, that will never solve anything....they will only start hating you and becoming more rebellious.

Since she is only seven years old, watch what kind of things you say to her, meaning that you have to "think" like a seven year old. Perhaps she is playing with the wrong kind of kids, perhaps she is watching somebody act rudely, and thinks it is okay, maybe she is watching television shows or playing video games that express that being rude is acceptable.

Right now, I would start to monitor what she watches on television, what games she plays, who she is playing with, etc.

Another thing that worked for me (I babysit a lot and I worked at a daycare last year) was when a child was being disrespectful, I would take them away where it is quiet, crouch down (you don't want to look down at them, they will only get angry), and ask why they are being rude, or if they were younger, I would tell them why it is wrong to be rude. Listen to them as well, don't yell at them (yelling NEVER works right), and take a toy or a privellage away. After a while, they should start getting the point.

Anonymous said...

Please, take a break from this and take a parenting class to learn how to use Time Out effectively and correctly. 7 minutes is the max. You will have to be completely consistent and start over since what you have been doing has lead her to believe that she can act the way she does. Calm talking, one sentence, like: "That is not acceptable behavior." Then, walk her to time out chair (away from any interaction or activities) and set the minute timer. No anger or reaction from you, then when time is up and she has been sitting calmly, you go to get her and tell her thank you for the good behavior, she may return to the activities. You will need to be very patient, until she understands that this will happen EVERY time she misbehaves. Do not slip up and do not show anger or other emotion. Please read more about it, Dr. Phil has great, simple, easy to follow advice for all parents. Good luck and God Bless!