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I know he can be a good kid...

Let me start by telling you a little bit about my son. He is 16 years old. He gets excellent grades. He finished up last year with a 4.3 and he currently has straight A's in school (taking all honor/college prep classes). I know he can be a good kid...I have seen it before. I know he has a good head on his shoulders and knows the difference between right and wrong. As soon as he turned 16, he got a job all on his own. He is a hard dedicated worker. He bought himself a car and makes the payments on it.

These are the problems we have been having lately. We know he is having sex. We know he is giving a recieving oral sex before, during, and after school. We know he is drinking alcohol. He is driving his car at speeds well over 100mph. He won't follow any rules around here......from simple things like sending a text message when he gets somewhere feeding his own dog (he let the dog starve while we were out of town for 3 days) he just won't follow any rules at all! He thinks the rules are stupid! He can't understand why we have rules. We try to tell him he will have rules throughout his entire life....he doesn't get that.....says he does fine without rules when we are gone. He admits that he has no conscience....he says to have a have to care about things...he doesn't care. The things he says are put it mildly. He does as he pleases...when he pleases. He has told us he is here to make himself happy and that is it! That ! is all that matters. Yes, I DO want him to be happy! But not like this! Not dead on the highway.....or drunk somewhere doing who knows what.......or ruining his future by a pregnancy......or who knows.

I am so worried. I really don't know what to do. Everything you try to tell him....he turns it back around on is so hard to talk to him.....nothing is his fault....nothing is his responsibility....he is a smart and manipulative.....

I'm at a loss......just basically floating around in fear of what I will find out next. Is there any advice you can give me????

I also have a daughter. She will be 18 next month. Totally the opposite of my son. How did that happen?

Thanks for listening :0) <<>>> Pattie

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Anonymous said...

How do you know he's only having oral sex?

My name is Alexus and I’m 14 years old I just recently lost my virginity to this guy Kyle who Is 17 I thought he was just the finest guy I saw. I met him one day when I was talking to my best friend over her house. So then they all went to go play b-ball and me and my best friend went along with them. Kyle got tired and walked over to me he was very flirty and so was I, at the time he grabbed my hand and made me touch his penis I thought it was kind of weird for him to do that. But me and him started to talk as we went back to my friend house and I went in her house alone. He came in behind me and I was in the kitchen and started to flirt next thing you know it leads to kissing.

3 days later we talk again a week go by an now he is my boyfriend. 4 months I knew him and we had sex for the first time I felt weird he talked me into it he sweet talked me and I felt for every word he said. We did it at least four times during the 4 months we were dating. 3 with protection and 1 without it

I felt bad doing it I didn’t feel like it was the right moment. I wanted to tell my mom but I was scared 2 months go by and I’m not coming on my period I thought it was normal for me because this happened last year my dad threaten me to take me to the doctor and I was scared but I got the guts that day and told my mom she was sad and cried. My dad was devastated she thought I was PREGNANT and she took me to the clinic come to find out I’M PREGNANT AT 14. Kyle knows and now he is calling me a HOE talking about it isn’t his I get down with other dudes I slept with a lot of them I was cheating on him all this other stuff but he was the only one I had sex with so I know he is the dad for sure

I am now 4 months pregnant I was going to get an abortion but I made the decision to lay down with him now I have to pay the price. I regret having sex with him I wish I would have listened to my parents and my conscious.