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Grandmothers Making (raising) Irresponsible Parents?

Are Grandmothers Making (raising) Irresponsible Parents?????????
When they want to do everything with their grand/daughter/son?
When they want to keep them 24-7 therefore leaving the parent with no responsibility? Buying them everything and not teaching them any value?
Babysitting for the parents, when they are doing nothing and watching t.v all day long?


Anonymous said...

yes they are.

When you take the child 24/7 it doesn't give the parent the chance to raise their own child, or spend time with their own child.

I can see the want to spend with the grandone, every grandparent wants that but when it comes to the point it's 24/7 there is an issue.

As far as babysitting, if it's a once a week or month thing sure what parent doesn't need a break.

And it's not just Grandmothers, it's grandparents in general. It's the grandpa's too! maybe not nearly as bad but just the same

Keight mommy, (sorry if i miss spelled your name) and mom of 3 boys ( sorry if i miss spelled yours as well. ) No the op isn't in a fantazy world. I promise you that. My neices grandma on her mom's side does this kind of thing. Matter of fact she's has told my neice that she wants her to call her grammy, which is a cross between mommy and grandma. She has also stated she wants my ex sister in law to five up custody of her so she ( the grandma ) can adopt her. Yes my ex sister in law depends way to much on her mother, which my neice has become so used to that she thinks of grandma as mom.

Anonymous said...

This sounds very familiar. My ex decided he did not want to work and when his dad kicked him out for not trying to support our baby he moved in with his mom. His mom bought her son's smokes, clothes, and everything while he did nothing! She also called me for Eric (our son) so his dad could "visit" him (every other weekend. I have custody). I know he wasn't spending time with him. She wanted to see him and I didn't see a problem with it, but she abandoned my ex when he was like 2 on his dad's door step. Now that I look back on it, it seems that she was trying to make up for lost time with her son and "raising" mine in order to have that time back. I don't have to worry about it any more bc his mom kicked him out and he gave up rights to our son to my husband. But I definately agree with what you are saying, in some situations. Not all of them are like that, but some yes.

Anonymous said...

Not all grandparents are guilty of this. Sure, some grandparents spoil their grandchildren, but usually they send them back to their parents after a very short time and let the parents raise the kids. Of course, there are also some grandparents who don't spoil their grandchildren at all, and even if they aren't the primary caregivers, they still sometimes correct their grandchildren's behavior. And last but not least, there are some grandparents who raise their grandchildren full-time, because the parents aren't available to do this. It's not a good idea to generalize here.