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Parent's have you heard about SB777?

To keep this kinda brief... SB777 is a referendum that was signed into law by the Gov in Ca. This bill is gonna pave the way for one-sided views on sexual orientation to be implemented in the classroom, while at the same time deeming contrary views as fostering a " discriminatory bias". If this gets passed into law then as early as 2008 grades K-12 ALL SCHOOLS WILL BE FORCED!

To positively, teach about homosexuality, bisexual and transgender student issue's. If it's not stopped.... SB777 is clear that... NO TEACHER INSTRUCTION and NO SCHOOL ACTIVITY, could "Reflect" or "Promote" a "DISCRIMINATORY BIAS AGAINST ANY PERSON...." Who is homosexual, bisexual or transgender...

What SB777 Does... IS SILENCE ALL OPPOSITION TO IT... and Teacher would be "FORCED" to "PROMOTE" homosexuality!

I'm not against anyone and the life that they choose, But I am against them teaching that to my 5yr. old


Anonymous said...

I believe that sex ed in school is okay. As far as sexual orientation goes, I think that should be a job for the parent(s). If it's true that some schools are introducing gay or lesbian materials,and this law is passed, what if the parent doesn't want their child exposed to it? Adding that to school curriculums doesn't sound like a good idea. Teaching tolerance of others (race, religion, SEXUAL orientation) is okay, but that's as far as it should go. What else do parents want teachers to teach their kids? When kids are actually exposed to it at school, later on when puberty hits, they'll have friends to discuss it with first and THEN parents should also be there to answer any questions.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the world we live in most hate crimes are done to those who chose that lifestyle! There trying to get people to come to terms with homosexuality and not so much promote it but get people to accept it, to lower all these crimes! Where I'm from I have seen soo many gays get beat up till they have only 1 breath left in them because the persons gay! Thats not right! I think that they should teach acceptance I wish they had when I was in school! But as for teaching your 5 year old! I think that shouldn't be! I think maybe grades 7-12 as they are older! 5 year olds shouldn't be subjected to that!!

Anonymous said...

It is better to teach your children what is out there in life then for them to stumble upon it in conversation with friends. I think if you are open minded then it shouldn't be an issue. As a mother I too worry about what is being taught to my children in school, however I do use each situation to make sure they are not treating other kids ingnorantly...If your child was bisexual, or transgender...etc, wouldn't you want the other children to understand and treat him/her with compassion?

On the other hand, I do think that 5 years old is a very young age to be introducing information on sexual preferences. A more age appropriate time would be 9 or 10.

Hopefully by the time this law goes into effect...and actually implemented in school your child will be old enough to understand.