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I have a question about what age people let their kids or teens date?
Why do people think its cute letting their little kids date or have little boyfriends or girlfriends. In my opinion you guys are just screwing with their heads.


Anonymous said...

I have five daughters, and they are not allow to date till they are 18, todays society is a little scary, so rather safe then sorry.

Anonymous said...

My kids didn't date until I thought they were resposible enough....the boy started at 16 and the girl.....let's see she 24 now....maybe in another 20 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Well first of all the parents dont always "let" them - all little girls have crushes on boys and thats part of life, boys have crushes too. This is the beginning of learning about each other and how to get along.
The whole object of the teen years is to prepare the child for real life. You cant do that by sheltering them at home and not letting them date at an appropriate age (15-16). Between ages 12 and 15-16 they should be in groups-but the instance the parents are gone they will pair off, or if their parents understand this is the right age for this behavior they will pair off in the presence of their parents. There will be many tears and hurt feelings between these ages - children will have some emotional crisises. This is normal and right. So that by the time they do date - actually go in a car with a boy, picked up at home - they know more about themselves and how to behave and take care of themselves.