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Adopted Daughter

my daughter is 15 and we have addopted her she seems so sweet and nice. But only When she wants something. but latly she has been yelling and srceaming at me and my husband. Normaly she is scraming at me not her father she is his baby girl. she is so mad at all of us for somehing she dosn't talk she is starting to cut herself on the arm.
and we love her some much and she knows that we give her all the help we can. we told her that she can always talk to us but she never does we did every thing we can


Anonymous said...

Refer to a professional counselor. At this stage your daughter needs special attention that she cannot express to you. This is not an isolated case. But i think referring it to a professional as early as possible would help a lot. You need to go to a psychologist or a guidance counselor while it is still in the early symptoms of this disorder. She might need this so that she can grow up as a normal teenager like everybody her age. Good luck

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she needs professional help. Be sure the cuts on her arm aren't serious (watch for infection.) However, the bigger problem is psychological. She needs serious help.

Anonymous said...

Just sit with her, hold her palm and say nothing, Yo may softly stroker her hair, look into her eyes but only like a hurt parent who is so worried about his or her daughter and not in anger. Don't try to ask for explanations or giver a lecture at a time like this. When she seems ready to talk, just ask, "Why?" Listen to everything she has to say. Even if she rables on how bad you are as a parent or how everything is unfair to her, just sit and listen. Do not retaliate. If you do not agree with her, let her finish and say, "We will talk about all this and try to sort it out. Trust me." in a very low tone. Feed her as if she is still your little baby but if she insists that she wants to eat herself, do not argue. Leave her room but keep an eye on her, in case she tries something again. See, how much she communicates with you and when you think that you can get no more out of her, consult a psychatrist on how to handle her. Follow his advice. People with suicidal tendencies need to be dealt like fragile things. This does not mean that they can not be strong ever again. If you will handle the situation in the right manner, your daughter will be able to overcome the phase and will learn a lot from this experience. It will also improve your bond with her.