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Pro's and con's of being a teen parent???

I am doing a paper on teen parents/pregnancies. I would like it if as many people as possible could give me as many pro's and con's of being a teen parent as they can.
All answers accepted. Thanks to everyone in advance! You've all been a great help so far!


Anonymous said...

*Lower risk of ovarian and breast cancer.
*Young while child is young.
*Fresh mind to help child with homework.
*Having someone that looks up to you and trust you regardless of anything.

*Can't party when you want to.
*Missing out on spending time with friends.
*Growing up faster.

Anonymous said...

there are pros to being a parent, certainly, and a teen parent would share those (someone to love and care for, etc)

but i don't see how there could possibly be a pro to being a teen parent as opposed to a parent in their 20s or 30s.

cons -- drastically increased difficulty of finishing education; drastically increased difficulty in supporting the child; virtual impossibility of pursuing one's own dreams beyond parenthood; reduced chance to find the best mate (usually different from one's first mate); much less likely to have stable relationship so child has stable family structure; there's also tons of research about the teenage brain not being wired for as good decision-making as adult's so while I don't doubt there are great teen parents out there, they are likely to be the exceptions.

p.s. i don't mean to bash anyone who is already a teen parent. as i said, i know some teen parents are doing a good job, and certainly what's done is done and i wish any teen parent the best. but for those who aren't yet pregnant? wait.

Anonymous said...

well I had mine when I was 19 and now im 22 and love my baby but the down fall is the huge expenses that are reqiured to take care of the baby (diapers, clothes , food, toys,ect.) and because I'm older i can afford them but then I all most droped out of college just to support my baby money is a big must have when young and having a baby ( was all alone, gf left after baby was born) things are better

Anonymous said...

I can't say that there would be any pro's, since there is nothing good about children having children.

Teens are nowhere mature enough to be able to handle sleepless nights with a newborn or a sick infant. Teens wouldn't be able to handle a baby who was born with a medical condition that requires surgery. I have a daughter born with a cleft lip/palate, she's 5 years old now, has had 7 surgeries so far. I'm almost 40, and it's hard for me. A teen is way too young to fathom knowing how to deal with that sort of thing.

I suppose the only pro I can give is that most teen parents have their own parents taking care of their babies for them. It's a pro for the teen, though not for the parent.

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING "Pro" about babies raising babies.

Oneida said...

Thanks for writing this.