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I'm scared to let him go...

My son wants to go on Ski trip with the church youth group the day after christmas, keep in mind we live at the bottom of Georgia and this trip is to West Virginia for a week, I have never let my son go anywhere without me out of town, Im scared to let him go and cant quit thinking about what could happen like car wreck, getting hurt without me there oh I could go on and on....He is 15 now as of 2 weeks ago!

He says Im being paranoid am I?


Anonymous said...

Moms will always see our kids like babies.. But they grow up and they need their space too. If he is a good boy with good grades and behaves good.. Give him a chance to explore and become a little independent because you will not be with him forever... He will go to college maybe aways get married have kids and the story will be the same.. So have confidence in him and let him have fun besides he is going with the church group and i think it will be safe.. Tell him to call you as soon as he gets there , at nigth when he is going to sleep, before he comes back home or unless is an emergency.. Don't be scared our kids are like birds one day they will fly away so give him a chance to have fun and you calm down he will be ok and you too ... Best Wishes :)
MERRY X MAS !!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should let him go. I think about all that stuff myself too but he's going with the church so I'm sure there will be responsible people to take care of him. I know that you are scared but you need that first time to realize that it will be OK. We'll go and come back fine. Then the next time it should be easier for you to let him go. It's hard - they grow up so fast : ) Good Luck

Anonymous said...

You are his mom. You know if he is indeed mature enough to handle this situation or not. I know how much you love him but in reality bad things can happen even if you are there with him. If you have done your job as a parent then you have taught him to make good decisions in the event that you are not there to guide him.

If you feel that he is ready to make the right decisions and you trust the people who are going to be looking after him then maybe it is time to let him have a little bit of independence. After all, it is better to have him test the waters in a sheltered enviroment than it is to have him jump in the deep end out of frustration.

He is a gift. The most precious gift that God can give. But your gift to him is to guide him to be the best man that he can be. I always say that I am not raising a child but rather I am forming somebodys husband and father. My baby is now 24 years old and he has made me proud to be his mother every step of the way. It wasn't easy to let him go off to college or to move out into his own apartment but if you you are supportive of thoses moves and you make them as smooth as you can then he will always come back to you even if it is to do his laundry.

Bottom line... Is he mature enough mentally and emotionally to go on this trip? Are there going to be adiquate staff to supervise the amount of kids that are going? If the answers are yes then let him go. If you feel like he is not ready then maybe next year he will be. Some day you are going to have to let go and it is easier for everyone if you do it a little at a time.

I am praying for you and for his safety. I know you will make the right decision.