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Son Arrested

Hi my son got arrested this morning? I'm not a bad mother or anything and i do try my best but i find boys will be boys. This is the first time he's been arrested and has been there since 9.00 am and i just need help with info on how long they can keep a minor? he's 15yrs.


Anonymous said...

Depending upon the charge, he might be released in a few hours, or he could be kept in a youth detention facility until a detention hearing is held on Monday. At the detention hearing, it might be decided to keep him in detention or on Electronic Monitoring until the Initial Hearing on the charges, which might be a month or so in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think the law says they can't keep him for more than 72 hours without a hearing or trial.

Anonymous said...

your son gets arrested and all you have to say is "boys will be boys"? Have you perhaps given any consideration to logging off this stupid computer and going to where they have your son and seeing what's up? Then you need to wake the hell up and look at your son in a more realistic view. If you think this is normal, then I do question your parenting skills.