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Moving out?

my daughter intends to move out of the house to a friends -is there some way I can stop her?


Anonymous said...

HA!!! i remember having the same thoughts at 14...i believe you should let her go...only because i can pretty much guarantee that she'll be back... but warn her before hand. she's gonna be tired from working to just pay rent. her grades are gonna drop...and the result of that is just having to work even longer hours in the future for lack of education and any special skills...then let her go... she'll be back...but when it happens just don't say i told you so...its the worst thing you could tell your teen! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sit her down and ask if that's what she really wants. If this is all she wants, I say let her go. Tell her she can always come home if things don't work out. This is all about trust. It doesn't really sound like she's irresponsible, but all kids are lazy and she's gunna get homesick. Good luck.