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How do u get ur kids to listen to you?

my kids are 2 and 3 but they absolutely refuse to listen to me. i have tried time out, spanking taking privileges away... nothing seems to be working. got any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they're in charge and for some reason they know this. When you take away privileges, hopefully you're not caving in. You've got to up-stand your decisions, no if's, and's, or but's. This is usually the primary problem. This can be difficult for someone who has low self esteem or a lack of self confidence. If this applies to you than you'll have to work on you first.

The other thing is give them positive attention when they're obedient. Do NOT give them attention when they're miss behaving even if its is negative or positive. Some kids just want attention. Give them lots of love and attention when they're good. They should see things not go there way when they misbehave.

Overall, your punishments should be detrimental to your children yet rare.

I also agree with giving your children choices that work for you. This gives your children the room to grow and start making there own decisions. Hopefully this helps.

Anonymous said...

im not a parent but a teen. but a big stick might work. im not joking a really big one. they;ll see whos boss. you need to hit your kids. 6 years old to 12 usually then u can not beat them anymore. then u need to you ur words. but, really parents these days are to scared to hot there own kids because of stupied "Childrens Aids"

Anonymous said...

I have a difficult 3 year old, and what I've learned actually works for her. Give her a choice, whenever she's not doing what you want her to do, give her a choice. Make sure both options get you what YOU want to happen. For example: "you have a choice, when we're walking through the parking lot, you can hold onto the grocery cart, or you can hold mommy's hand. Pick one" Both ways, she's safe. When she doesn't pick one, say "you have a choice, hold the cart or hold mommy's hand." When she doesn't choose, say "cart or mommy's hand". When she doesn't choose, say "one, two, three" then hold her hand, she will say that she wants to hold onto the cart. Let her. There are so many things that my 3 year old doesn't want to do. Frequently, I have to give her the choice of doing it herself or having me do it. Since she wants to do it herself, of course she'll choose that option. Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

You have to show them that you are in charge and they aren't.
When it comes to discipline, you have to be consistant. You can't do it once or twice and then say "oh it's not working, because they still aren't listening to me".