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Anyone else ever feel like you can't do it???

Anyone else ever feel like you can't do it??? i am 23 and a single mother of 3 beautiful children i was married once before and we had 2 kids together after our divorce i never thought i would be with someone ever again. i started dating my best friend and we had a baby together my children are still young. i have a 5 year old boy with adhd and he bounces off the wall constantly. he takes meds and counseling. i have a 3 year old and she has add and we are fighting some problems with skin cancer that she was born with. my youngest is a baby. he is 2 months old. i have a wonderful boyfriend that tries to help but he works alot, he has me staying home with the children. i love my kids but my oldest cannot mind for anything. my girl is so sensitive that even the smallest "getting onto her" she starts crying so bad she can't breathe. i spend all of my time with them. the oldest is in school. other than that i never get a break from them. i love my children but sometimes i think i am going crazy. does anyone else ever feel this way?

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I have 4 kids and number 5 due in November. Two of mine have ADHD and are on treatment. Trust me if they were not I would be writing from prison, even with the meds I still want to kill them some days. Mine are older for the most part so you will survive.

I have a 14 yrs old, a 11 yrs old, a 9 yrs old (if you ask her she is almost 10) and one that will be 2 in late October. I am due in November with number 5, despite trying very hard no to. I get anti natal depression that carries through into post natal depression. Sounds like fun or what.

My eldest father dose not want to know him, no great loss there sorry to say. The next two down spend some time with their father during school hollidays. The last two are my current partners.

My new partner loves all of my kids and his daughter form his marriage. We share what things we can, like sleep time and cooking dinner. We try to give each other me time. It could be a long shower or time out.

I rely on my Dad to help give my eldest the extra attention he needs. Between us we cope just.

I hate those do gooders who tell you that ADHD is all in the mind and that it is you who is at fault. I have even run into some Doctors who tell me that it dose not exist. I offer to let them have my eldest for a few days so they can sort it all out. Funny thing I have only been taken up on that offer once. The mother in question rang begging to give him back within two hours. She had given him a high sugar drink and was on a high. She could not get him to stop. She has been very supportive of me ever since.

Yes there are days that I think I can't do this. Any honest person will admit to that sort of day, kids or not. But maybe tomorrow will be better. They don't stay little for very long, thank heavens.

I found that sports tired my lot out a bit and gave me some quiet time. I found a mothers group for other mum's in the same situation, that was a great help.

I hope it helps to know that you are not alone with the way you feel. Just hang in there and live for the good days or hours what ever happens first.