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Son doesn't listen...

My 17 year old son doesn't listen to me and I think is getting out of control. I made him quite his job because his grade came down. He curses at me and says I never listen to him. When he ask to go out I tell him to ask his father. The next thing I know he's going places and the father hasn't given his permission. I get angry because I feel that my husband should be more firm with this boy. Because of my son behavior and attitude I tell him he doesn't ask me to drive the car or nothing. Tonight he ask to go to a football game and the next thing I knew he was gone. I call my husband to ask if the boy called to ask he could go out and my husband said no.

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Anonymous said...

A parent who gives in to his children's every demand in the hope of satisfying them almost always finds that the opposite happens: Instead of letting up, the children continue to push for more and more, looking for a sign of how much is too much.

A similar thing happens if the parents cannot decide how to discipline and set limits on their children. It's healthy for children to see how their parents reach a compromise or settle a disagreement if it's done peacefully and effectively. But if the parents can't reach an agreement, the children's behavior often gets worse as they search for the reassurance of stable boundaries to their lives.

In those situations, the main issue of using discipline to teach children appropriate behavior gets lost in the battles between parents for an illusion of control. The children become confused and respond by continuing to act out, both to assert their own power and to figure out which rules are really important.