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I don't have kids but...

I don't have kids but my girlfriends son is 17 and is abusing her by throwing fits and knocking holes in the walls and calling her names and i mean ugly names. He is a perfect kid when I am around or anyone else for that matter. I asked her to call the police several times, but she is either scared of him or scared to lose him.

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Anonymous said...

I can identify. I'm married, but I can't seem to control my stepson.

When I first began dating my husband, his son was nine years old. He used to phone his dad several times a day and most times, his mother would get on the phone. She claimed their son missed his dad, and that he needed to see more of him. Every other weekend was not good enough for her.

Since their son was selected for soccer two years ago, my husband has not been able to see his son, sometimes for months. Soccer takes his son out of town on weekends, and the courts have told him not to allow the boy to miss his games. His mother has other team parents take him on these trips.

I have asked my stepson to phone his dad when he returns from his games, but he says, "I forgot." We have both asked him to send or bring us his soccer schedule, and we hear, "I forgot." This has been going on for two years.

I am so fed up with this child never returning his dad's calls, and yet he can call when he wants something, or when his mother can't drive him off to his friend's house. My husband does not deserve this kind of treatment from his son. The only thing I tell my stepson is, "Dad misses you, and he waits for you to call him; please don't forget."

My husband wants to ignore his son's calls (when and if he calls) as a way to "remind" his son that since he has forgotten to call, we won't answer the phone. In my opinion, I don't think that strategy will work.