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Son does not want to have any rules...

My 15 year old son does not want to have any rules, swears and is becoming abusive towards me. I have bruises on my arm and he lightly hit me upside the head yesterday. He admits he does not respect me and said he wants to only eat and sleep here.I don't know what to do anymore and anytime I call a family support number I end up in a goose chase looking for help. There really does not seem to be anything immediate. They suggest counseling, but how to you get a teen to go to it if there are never home and refuse to come? I have been advised to charge him with assault but with his other charges for a unrelated incident he will for sure be taken to a youth facility where I believe only worse things come out of that.

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Anonymous said...

My heart - and my prayers - go out to you.

There are millions of species of animals in the world. Do you know how many of them are driven crazy by their children? If your answer was greater then one, you were wrong. In all of Nature, there is only one species that is led to the brink of madness by their own children. That species is us. We humans pride ourselves on being the most intelligent creatures ever to have walked upon the face of the planet. We even gave ourselves the name homo sapiens, which translates as "intelligent man." No other species comes close to the kind of achievements that we are capable of. But if we are really such a smart species, why is it that no other animal is as abused by its own children?

Many people believe that the main kind of abuse is child abuse. Very few people realize that for every case of parents abusing children, there are almost twenty cases of children abusing parents. We wonder why our world is getting out of hand, what with terrorist attacks and students shooting other students and teachers. Yet we don't do anything to stop how out of hand our own children are getting. Children are our future! If we want to have a safer, more responsible world, we need to take action.