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Violent Children

I have kids who - for whatever reason - are starting to become downright violent. I saw this thing on Dr. Phil today about violent children who killed animals and hit and beat up their siblings ...almost ready to kill their parents and siblings......I don't want to see this in my house.

If you were a parent of a violent child what would you do?

Give them away?

Cut off their limbs?

Send them to a psych ward?

What is there to do?


Anonymous said...

One thing I know for sure: you won't make them change by shouting or punishing. It comes I guess from their perceived the "lack of love" in their life, so their cruel as nobody loves him [or so they think].

I went through the same thing with my parents -- "nobody loves me" ..."nobody cares" ...bla bla bla.

Anonymous said...

What they were talking about on Dr. Phil was Conduct Disorder. Teenager’s with conduct disorder have a repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which they violate the rights of others, or violate norms or rules that are appropriate to their age. Their conduct is more serious than the ordinary mischief and pranks of children and adolescents. Severe difficulties at home, in school, and in the community are common, and frequently there is very early sexual activity. Self-esteem is usually low, although the adolescent may project an image of "toughness." Teenagers with this disorder have also been described as "delinquent" or "anti-social."

Anonymous said...

Have you read Marks eBook? That would be a good place to start.