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He's had everything i could possibly give him...

my son has just turned 15 hes had everything i could possibly give him, ive got a good marriage and he gets on well with his stepdad better than me and him really trouble is now hes not listening in school, he neglects the house and his personal belongings he just doesnt give a damn about anything, i have said im going to stop his money etc and he says he will just sell his stuff to get money he’s not on drugs he has had a drink in the past only once I know His room is an absolute tip and he leaves the house in the same state he does nothing to help only makes a mess, im forever picking up and nagging him any suggestions please i just feel it will get a lot worse


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Anonymous said...

Kayla really need to get Mark's eBook. I was where you're at now about a year ago. I can tell you that, based on what you've said, you are doing a lot of things that are contributing to the problem.