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What do you do when your kids father wants nothing to do with her?

What do you do when your kids father wants nothing to do with her?

Here we go. First of all since the day that the child was born the father denied her. After she was a year and a half is when he decided that he wanted to be in her life. Since then it has been nothing but he coming around when he felt like it. Telling her that he would be there and then never show up and leaving the mother to deal with a child that was crying and not understanding why her father didnt want to see her. And the main reason for this is what do you do when the father calls the mother and tells her that he is giving up his rights and wants nothing to do with her or the child. And after the mother telling him that she will sign the papers but that he would still have to pay what he owes to his daughter and him telling her are you really that jewish, you should have been burned with the rest of them. The mother throughtout the years has never done anything to him to hurt him. Even when he wasnt paying she was still allowing him to see his daughter. Please help.

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Anonymous said...

He sounds like a nut case and I think your daughter will be better off without him. However, he still needs to pay support for her.

Is there a court order for support? Is there proof of paternity?

He can give up his "rights" but he can't give up his responsibility. You need a lawyer. If you can't afford one, see if Legal Aid can help.

As for your daughter, tell her that her father has a problem and that she can't depend on him to keep his word. Let her know that you think she is special and that he is the one who is missing out.

Tell her that one day he will realize what he is missing ( even if you don't really think that he will.)

And -- I would not allow him to see her alone if he does come around -- no telling what garbage he might tell her.