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How do I keep from PUNCHING her in the head..?

So far all day today and most of last night ever time I talk to my daughter, 17, She will answer me, "ok, B*TCH". Or "what ever B*TCH".

I will say can you do you dishes or clean up you mess in the bathroom. I get a "Sure B*TCH".

All I want to do is go up to her, knock her on her *** and pound her face into the carpet.

It is my house and I AM NOT leaving..So the leave and calm down does not work with me.

I have told her not to talk to me that way, I am not one of her girl friends or her loser boyfriend. I get "fine" then I walk away and I can hear her wisper "B*TCH".

No I can not kick her out yet, She is on probation until she is 18. Her PO is no help.

I have tryed ingnoring her but there are time we do need to talk during the day.

How do I keep myself from slaming her into a wall and punching her until I feel better.

And the she is only 17 and it will pass dont work with me either..

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Anonymous said...

wow my heart goes out to you.........and whilst not had to deal with this from my own kids, taught some special kids that say and do what they want and they KNOW you can not touch the TOTAL silence treatment worked really well on that score...............if I had a command then it was wrote down and given to them..............after a few days of doing this they would go batty, and that's when you give them the note of saying IF you are prepared to be a grown up then we can talk.

I agree that you might want to appraise the PO of this and ASK if you are able to get one that will work with you, also what are the other options of her probation, you know the if she does not sort her self out what / where would she go with regards to the law, probation is where she is meant to be doing well and staying out of trouble, it MIGHT be in her best interest to maybe have a little taste of jail whilst she is under 18........

and whilst this is not going to be a popular reply I can so agree with you that some times a bloody hard smack whilst not the real answer can certainly make the parent feel a lot better...........