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Behaviour problems with my 7 year old!!

My little girl has just started junior school, when she was at Infant school she worked really hard, had lots of friends, was a real teachers pet and a real favourite of most of them. Now she has gone to Junior school she has really changed, she is still the same at home but at school she has turned into a real horror!!

I found out yesterday that she has been really mean to another little girl, basically bullying her, kicking, punching and saying mean things. The school has a zero tolerance level on bullying and if she does it again she will be excluded.

I just don't know whats happened to my sweet kind little girl, I have brought her up to be kind to people and that bullying is very very wrong!!!

I sat and cried last night cos I have no idea what to do - does anyone have any suggestions?? I did sit with her last night and talked to her about how that little girl must be feeling and to think about how she would feel??

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Anonymous said...

i guess you might wanna take a look at whats goin on in your daughters life to that may have caused the she stressed from the new there stuff goin on in your life that shes reacting to?...continuing to talk and stress good behavior as well as letting her vent every night and setting a good example are probably the most important things..its good that you had a nice sit down cry too...we need to vent frustrations ourselves...if ya need to vent gimme a of luck